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By Nafanua Manns

In SPEAK UP & BE FREE! Nua transparently shares how sexual abuse, assault and violence have impacted her life. Her quest for freedom brought her to the revelation that not only does she have to face these issues from her past to bring freedom to her own life, but also how courageously telling her story will help to bring healing to so many, many others. It is Nua's prayer—and ours— that this book will help others affected by violence and sexual abuse to gain the courage to SPEAK UP! and to BE FREE!

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By Carmen Ikem

Have you ever been emotionally manipulated and abused by a leader, spouse, relative, or friend? In this book, I expose the enemy and his desire to keep the body of Christ bound and unfruitful. This is my testimony of how my mistakes opened the door for spiritual abuse to steer my life into a downward spiral. But through the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I was healed, delivered, and set free to walk in my purpose and destiny. This book was written for anyone who has experienced the pain and trauma of this type of abuse or would like to know how to recognize it and stop it in its tracks. My hope is to bring the testimony of God’s hope, healing, and deliverance power.

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By Kyle A. Kynard

PURE & BLAMELESS, is a Holy-Ghost-inspired work aimed at guiding believers to unravel their complacency, discover primary elements in God’s specific design for their being, and reestablish excellence in all areas of their lives. Discovering your gifts and calling, eliminating unnecessary weights from your life, and establishing a higher standard of excellence, are all all thoroughly explored within these pages. If you are ready to maximize your kingdom potential, then THIS is the book for you!

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By Lawrence & Tamara Nichols

If you’re leading in ministry, then this book will cause you to look at the person in the mirror and address the issues that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. Despite the challenges associated with leadership in ministry (and there are many), you can be successful. To be clear, this is not a marriage book. However it will help you see your situation through the transparent lens of a leadership couple as they carry out their part of the Omniscient Creator’s vision. It’s a candid look at the realities of ministry leadership, including its pitfalls, its ugliness, and, ultimately, its rewards through both his and her eyes. Ultimately, it’s a view through God’s eyes, reminding the reader that no one’s view compares to God’s greater plan and purpose.

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By Jerry Culbreth

The Kingdom of God has always been the purpose of God through the ages, and as we approach the end times, the Church is experiencing an increased awareness of God’s message about His Kingdom. A Kingdom Awakening is emerging in the Body of Christ. Enter into this awakening and fulfill your Kingdom assignment as God awakens this message in you. Through revelations from the Word of God by the Holy Spirit, Jerry Culbreth presents an understanding of: the Body ministry and your part in the body, the need for equipping churches and how their work impacts your life, how to shift a church into a Kingdom mentality and so much more! The manifested sons of God are arising. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. —Rom 8:19, NIV

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By Grace Blue

GROWING IN GRACE WITH GRACE Is a clarion call to the body of Christ to grow up and be the authentic, spiritually mature believers that the world is searching for. In this book the reader will learn how to grow in HIS grace so that they may understand HOW to walk as manifested sons and daughters of God! This message is a mandate to all believers to be light in the darkness and be salt in the world I’m so deeply need to see light of Christ!

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By Phyllis Dunk

A merry heart does good, like medicine. Proverbs17:22 (NKJV) When I was diagnosed with cancer, I journeyed into a dark place of low self-esteem, depression, denial, confusion, fear, rejection, anger, and cancer. I was able to confront these emotions and deal with them at their core with God’s help. I began to understand how God used cancer to begin my journey and the arts to shape me and restore my self-worth. If you want to experience a book while reading, just open your heart and begin the journey. Soon you’ll be saying . . . “I LOVE PINK” too.

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By Ingrid Conliffe-Easton

In COME OUT OF THE RAIN: YOU'VE GOT THIS!, Ingrid passionately encourages her readers to walk confidently in Christ! As Ingrid shares her story she reveals both the difficulties she has endured and the triumphs she has experienced. But it is with unrelenting conviction that she reiterates that Jehovah God is always faithful! So COME OUT OF THE RAIN!

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By D.M. Preston

DISCOVERING THE LIFE OF FREEDOM, gives a clear correlation between freedom and forgiveness. Marie draws you with her openness in sharing the challenges she has faced and what she has learned from them, while causing you to reflect on your own experiences and challenges. This book is clear in that we must ultimately seek our heavenly Father to give us the understanding and knowledge of the freedom that only forgiveness can give.

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By Kathryn Blackwell

This book is filled with years of wisdom and gets at the core of the Christian message while also revealing aspects of God’s maternal care for all believers. Kathryn’s knowledge of Scriptures is thorough and offers readers great detail grounded in essential truths about who God is and what Jesus has done. Readers will find this book powerful and convincing.

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By Grace Y. Elion

Over the course of my life, I have experienced many issues, and I have found that my family, friends, and sometimes even my doctors did not know what to say or do. But through God’s Grace, I have experienced an excellent recovery from EVERYTHING. In this book, I share my testimony of diagnosis, surgeries, and recoveries. I, more than most, understand that God’s Grace is more than anyone deserves!


By Katrina Carter

THE LOVING HEART OF FATHER GOD This book is filled with years of wisdom and gets at the core of the Christian message while also revealing aspects of God’s maternal care for all believers. Katherine’s knowledge of Scriptures is through, and offers readers great detail grounded in essential truths about who God is and what Jesus has done. Readers will find this book powerful and convincing.

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By John Eckhardt

This book will give leaders, intercessors, and pastors a revelation of the operation of a certain class of demons that must be overcome. This will give those involved in spiritual warfare the knowledge they need to overcome these demons. Great breakthroughs will be achieved by the church that defeats these demons. The result will be great church growth and revival.


By Stacy Adams

Unspoken secrets are causing the Boyd family to unravel from the inside out. Yet they wrestle with the impoliteness of truth. What started as an intent to protect image, integrity, and innocence has catapulted into generations of hurt. Can matriarch Ruthie's own unwanted release be enough to free her adult children from hurt or will it only cause more harm?

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By Wesley & Neesha Stringfellow

The foundation of a marriage is so important. We have witnessed marriages where the love became dull because the beginning was not built on a solid foundation. This book was written to help you discover the tools that will strengthen you as a couple.

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By Malcolm Brown

This book is designed to guide you down this road we call life and help you pass by those pitfalls of the enemy. So buckle up and let's get ready to embark on this journey together. Starting route now; it’s ten miles to your destiny.

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By Deborah C. Anthony

Fully Surrendered is a 30-day devotional with the aim of challenging you to move from the fear that God isn’t with you into the assurance that He is always with you. As you journey with Deborah, her transparency will reveal the struggles of every heart that battles to release control and give God permission to mold them and make them after His will.

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By Tony & Ruby Powell

This book is a step-by-step account of how Tony and Ruby met, married, and survived the challenges of marriage. They recognized how their upbringing and the examples of marriage that they witnessed formed unhealthy thoughts and marital behaviors. Through good solid counseling and study of the Bible, Tony and Ruby were able to develop a healthy respect for each other that formed a system for how to “place blame” in a more positive manner.


By Aginah M. Muhammad

Six women share their journey of leveraging success and raising children with the hope of inspiring and empowering other women who are in the midst of their own journey of being a single mom.

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By Deidre Gordon-Burks

This book is a prophetic message of hope, encouragement, and exhortation with a Biblical perspective from the book of the Prophet Ezekiel chapter 37. It is designed to assist you in becoming stronger in wisdom, sharper in prophetic discernment, and deeper in intimacy with the Lord. I will take you back in history to learn about the prophets. We will then be ignited by the fire of vision. A breakdown of the substance of bones will also be illustrated to help you understand exactly what it is that we are calling back to life.

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By Clarence Brookins

Is your life filled continuously with setbacks that seem to keep you in a repetitive state of déjà vu? Are you unhappy with your life and feel things are not quite right? This book will help you understand that the only thing that has stopped you from becoming who God purposed you to be is what’s on the inside of you! You are not alone in what you are going through, but through faith and with understanding you can learn how your past has kept you bound and how you can now be free from the hands of the (inner) enemy!

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By Dr. Angela Johnson-Wells

Dr. Johnson-Wells shares information that challenges educators to reflect on current educational practices and rethink how to become change agents who will make a positive difference in the lives of children while developing instruction that promotes critical and higher-order thinking skills. Educators have an opportunity to integrate cultural experiences as they enhance their educational practice.

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By Katherine Viney

Join Katherine Viney as she shares some of the steps, places and seasons of her journey where she was constantly reminded that God’s faithfulness, God’s provision and God’s protection are always there to encourage, empower and equip His children. Through life’s difficult and horrific situations, Kathy has learned to lift up her eyes and focus her attention on the Lord who created heaven and earth. In Kathy’s struggle to regain equilibrium, she discovered that when life throws adversity in our paths, we must know how to appropriate strategies to maintain our peace of mind and our winning edge.

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By Lalo Gomez

Having spent twenty-four years of his life incarcerated—sixteen of which he served productively—Lalo has earned the right to write about this neglected issue, which he uniquely refers to as “managing time.” The principles that Lalo shares throughout this book are practical and are meant to encourage and equip you to serve time productively during your incarceration, and also prepare you to manage time productively once you are released. If this is your goal, then this book is for you.

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By Ronda D. Smith

Every good fisherman knows his craft well. It takes a skilled fisherman to teach a novice the art of catching fish. How To Catch A Man will lead readers to examine their present soul-winning strategies, adapt the model that Christ has set through love and respond to the call to evangelize the world. Each chapter offers a guide to spiritual maturity in ministry through selections such as Keeping it Real, Fishing for Men and for Food, A Matter of Trust, and Pursue with Passion.

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By Gregg Haynes

Do you want to turn your fears into faith, dreams into reality, low self-esteem to confidence? In this book, I address basic life experiences and those that are more complex. I am delighted that a few of my friends have allowed me to share snippets of their personal stories. I hope this memoir provides a great source of reference. Get ready to take a ride with me on this journey. Let’s go!

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By Carolyn Sanders Cox

After the Storm follows two couples, Scott and Dana and Anthony and Ariel, who are familiar with the statement, “There is a time and season for everything.” Now in their thirties, however, they begin to wonder about their own season. They had faith that God could bring it to pass, but they also had a fear of repeating the mistakes of their friends. They knew that they were not exempt because they, too, had experienced disappointments, heartbreak, and a canceled wedding. Despite what they had witnessed, however, the two couples decide to follow their hearts.

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By Dr. Pamela Hardy

Far Above Rubies: The Power of Christ’s Virtue In You, discusses the many attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman. God has placed inside of each of us His force, might, power, wealth, wisdom and kindness. It is time for His Chayil army of worshippers to arise to our ordained place of strength.

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By Kim Jordan

Life’s uncertainties can truly be overwhelming. Generally, we do not plan for calamities, other than by purchasing insurance policies; however, this guide is intended to change that practice. Sequential Milestones offers a set of business and personal documents generated through compassion, facilitating the collection of both memories and critical information in one easily accessible location. Sequential Milestones guides family members and/or designees through a step-by-step process by which to handle a loved one’s personal business decisions with ease.


By iCan Dream Center Students

Delights for Big Dreamers is an illustration of the iCan Dream Center student’s passion. This is more than a cookbook—it’s an expression of creativity. Many diverse students have internalized messages that reinforce limitations, but our dreamers are encouraged to be boundless in the kitchen. This heart-warming book is separated into sections that include original entrée recipes, dessert recipes, and activities to extend learning in the kitchen.


By Ceola Conner

Within these pages, author Ceola Conner recounts testimony after testimony of God’s creative miracle-working power. As you read her personal accounts your faith will be challenged and strengthened. God still, moves and still speaks to His people today. His people only need to hear His voice and believe.

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By Garner Paula

This is not just another book about faith, how it works, or how to get what you want. The purpose of this book is to revolutionize your understanding of faith through the use of the concept inside this book, which combines all the characteristics of faith. Faith is not "the secret" to the Christian life, but rather the answer. It is only through F.A.I.T.H. (Full Assurance In The Holy Ghost) that we will find the answers that will position us to impact the Kingdom of God.

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By Dr. Lynda G. Washington

We all have dream killers. These are people you think have your back, but who secretly question the things you do and inwardly hope you fail. Stop trying to make people be who you want them to be, and see them for who they show you they really are. God will always have a ram in the bush to help you out of all your troubles. Jesus will never disappoint you or let you down.


By Marissa Dandridge

UPROOTED is a testimony of healing, faith, encouragement and a newfound life through trials and tribulations. When you think your life is bad, you keep asking God “Why me?” But each of us must pass the test of faith at some point in life. Perhaps this testimonial will encourage you to keep your eye on the prize and endure the hardships that we all must face while growing closer to God.


By Dr. Candy Williams

HEALING HEARTS is 31 days’ worth of inspirational and personal anecdotes that encourage, motivate, and empower women to go deeper with their faith in God. It reassures the reader to trust God daily, love thyself, and live purposefully. Readers will laugh, cry, and perhaps relate to some of the stories from Dr. Williams. She reveals some of her life’s stories of listening to God, building trust, focusing on God, facing challenges, dreaming big, and renewing faith in God.

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By Wesley & Neesha Stringfellow

God’s intention was for two to become one and for a covenant union to be birthed. God did not intend for marriage to be a scary trial in your life. The success of marriages is vital to the next generation. It’s so important that couples not just make it, but truly embrace and enjoy the journey called marriage.


By Huntley Brown

In this practical guide to Biblical discernment in a contradictory world, readers are taken on a necessary journey that is rooted in Biblical thought and loaded with personal examples. Some of the keys addressed include: Why do you believe what you believe? Who are you? Have you clearly defined yourself? Or even, is life preparation for a final exam? By putting these keys into practice, readers will equip themselves with the tools needed to guard against deception.

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By Darlene Cothron

There are many voices in our society that claim to have the truth as it relates to the meaning of life, moral standards and spirituality. Amid cultural change, deception and a push for a more secular society, there still remain multitudes of people who have a void within that needs to be filled, a longing for the meaning of life and a search for spiritual understanding. This book was designed as a training tool for believers to be effective witnesses for Christ. As you read this book, it is expected that you will gain renewed faith and greater motivation, insight and strategy for effective evangelism. Receive the impartation and boldly proclaim the gospel.

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By Kartar Chand

An Onward Journey is a narrative of Kartar Chand’s complicated life of misery and throbbing pain, and his path to find freedom and dignity. This voyage began during his childhood in a small rural village, as a poor struggling student disgusted with a society of caste discrimination, bigotry, and bad customs. Kartar’s dream was to escape from all the harmful traditions and evils, despite the challenges that he faced—all to free himself, his children, and future generations from this slavery. His struggles may have ended, but his memoir will live on.


By Sandra D. Bates

Written for single women, but not excluding married women. An enjoyable reading expressing much truth from the Word of God. It is a helpful tool for every “single” woman that’s waiting to marry! Sandra shares from a “sister to sister” perspective, realistic views from her own personal experiences, to the experiences which are common in the lives of single women. She depicts the various “issues” that could very well beset single women from entering the prepared marriage God has ordained for them.


By Carolyn Strong

Microaggressions is a book that challenges people to be reflective in their thoughts and actions. Its children's-book persona makes this much needed lesson more approachable. The hope is that this book will be the catalyst for some much needed courageous conversations surrounding the topic of microaggressions.

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By Sebrina L. Pitts

She was a 52-year-old woman with a memory of only 41 years. Her brain decided on its own to guard her from the very demons living inside of her. She always knew something was missing but never searched for the answers. Finally she heard HIS voice and it forced her into healing. October 24th“My God, I am so ashamed. I am so tired of the choking grip my past has on me.

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By Earl B. King

Critical Decisions speaks practically to a culture of violence with sporadic regularity. Earl King moves from a posture of hand-wringing to offering practical and relevant responses as opposed to current punitive reactions that have done nothing more than exacerbate conditions. This book is fueled by love and critical thinking which can lead to critical decisions and positive outcomes.


By John Eckhardt

Shamar means to guard, to keep, to be a watchman. It can refer to guarding a flock, the heart, the mind, a nation, or a city from outside attack or ungodly influences. It is used in reference to keeping (guarding) the gates or entries to cities. Each local church needs a prophetic guard. This is not one prophet, but a company of prophets who help guard the church from the invasion of the enemy. Churches that develop the prophetic ministry will have the advantage of being protected through prophetic intercession and the shamar aspect of the prophet’s ministry.


By Alma Franklin

This generation needs us to help them understand the things that confuses their very existence on this earth. We have allowed them to raise themselves with no guidance for the here and now or the years ahead. This book can be used as a start to helping them understanding who they are, where they are, and where they want to go.


By Cynthia Corley

“Emerging” will take you on a journey as God began to restore and renew my life and place me back on the path that I had derailed from. “Emerging” is designed for you to draw strength from my journey, to encourage you to always follow God’s plan. Allow yourself to make mistakes, and grow and learn from them. I had to open my eyes to the fact that living my plan wasn’t getting me anywhere and the plans of others were just that—their plans for my life. Open your heart and witness through my eyes how God transformed a young woman from Columbia, South Carolina, into the powerful woman you see today. If He can do it for me, then He can surely do it for you!

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By Jacqueline Kennedy-Harris

For fifteen years, Jacqueline Kennedy-Harris was bound by Satan as he attempted to destroy her life. Satan used generational curses, rebellion, rejection, pride, and her own curiosity to carry her into captivity which led to a horrible, life threatening drug addiction. But Jesus had a different purpose for Jacqueline’s life. She was not created to live the hard life she was living as a drug addict. By His divine intervention and mercy, He stepped in and brought her from the pit of destruction and led her into His kingdom and abundant blessings. She is now blessed with an amazing ministry that assists others with finding their path to freedom.

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By Christian T. Howell Sr.

Moses, like you, faced huge challenges and obstacles that could have easily cancelled his future. It wasn’t an easy life, but his life had so much purpose assigned to it. Moses was wealthy, healthy, and personally satisfied because he chose to be himself – the person that God intended for him to be. Where you are is not final; it’s just a temporary location. You have permission to be excited again! You have been chosen to be great; you just have to learn how to navigate the challenges.

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By Norma R. Borrero

The orphan spirit will only be broken by the reestablishment of the five-fold ministry offices within the Church. The alignment of these critical members will break the stronghold of the orphan spirit off the Church and the earth. This book will provoke the Church to arise into her place of ruler ship, bind the strongman of the orphan spirit on its members and on the earth by returning to the original plan of the Father to make us His sons and daughters dispelling the orphan spirit forever.

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By Elizabeth Hammond

As part of my journey I will share my Egypt, my places of captivity, the process of obtaining my freedom and my final destination, freedom itself. I’m a true believer history repeats itself. “Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account.” I believe my past is someone’s present and it is being called to account. May my past, bring freedom to someone’s present. Join me on my journey as I desperately seek to find the answers that have fashioned me to a place of freedom.

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By Dawn C. Dennis

Woman, God chose you, before the foundation of the world to be His child. Whether you live on 5th Avenue in New York, or a village in Africa, God knows where you are and He promised to be with you. God is your Father and He wants to lift you up right now, He wants to wipe away your tears and heal your broken heart. If you have never been able to trust anyone, I guarantee you that you can trust Jesus.


By Eunice R. Callwood

Well, in preparing for your future, have you ever thought about how pitfalls can negatively affect your plans? The good news is that your plans do not have to be held up or wrecked by the consequences of pitfalls. The Rising Generation: No-Pit-4-Us intends to help you and your peers make some of the safest decisions in life and keep you on the path to good success.

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By Deborah C. Anthony

Colorful causes you to step out of yourself and come face to face with your actions. This perspective gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your opinion and viewpoint and applaud your successes without getting stuck in applause. Deborah reminds us to learn from our failures, recover to a healthy place and continue to paint your picture of life. Sisters, dive in sand plunge into a full spectrum of color to complete your life portrait.

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By Deborah C. Anthony

Many people talk about integrity in leadership as if it's a light switch in our lives that you can turn on and off. Beyond the Limits walks you through key principles that illustrate what integrity looks like and what it doesn’t, giving you a close-up view of potential dangers that lie beneath the surface of our hearts; the little foxes snipping away at the vines in our life and the seducing entrapments of the enemy that set us up as leaders for epic falls. Whether we find ourselves in the secular marketplace, or even in Christian leadership, you will receive a bold transparent look at the hidden inner struggles of passionate, if left unchecked, can become major weaknesses with the potential towards a sure destructive and tragic demise.

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By Sharon A. Carey

Are you tired of losing weight and finding it again? The weight loss strategies offered in this book will give the reader a cutting edge approach to losing weight successfully. Sharon is painfully familiar with the weight loss battle and can identify with every woman who longs for lasting victory. Using a bit of humor to expose the truth, Sharon shares a touching and candid view of her personal struggle and triumph. This book is a wake-up call that will challenge you to stop struggling with your weight and Put God’s Word on it!

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By Patricia Bush-Wilson

“Refreshing Tones for Her” is designed to draw women to the heartbeat of God. Through the short powerful writings, prayers, and reflection page, women from all walks of life will find themselves desiring to meet one-on-one with Him. His presence waits as He whispers tones of love, healing, forgiveness, acceptance and freedom. After the upper room experience, women will feel renewed, restored, and revived to make a deeper commitment to walk hand-in-hand with Him, our King of Glory, Redeemer, and Savior Jesus Christ.

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By Everette Lee Allen-LuVert

Raised in Tunica, Mississippi, Everette Lee Allen-LuVert recalls her life and upbringing on a plantation and in the Colored Subdivisions of Tunica, Mississippi. These short stories are her reflection of years long ago and her attempt to pass them to the next generation. The stories within these pages will grant you, the Reader, joy just as they have her own grandchildren. What’s more, they are refreshing and inspiring to all who read them.


By Daryl O'Neil

If you are dating, you need insight as to why your relationships may not be working. If you are getting married the statistics show marriages ending in divorce are at record rates, and many married couples regret having entered into the marriage covenant. And To The Unmarried I Say... will provoke some introspective thought for the unmarried, those contemplating marriage and those who are already married, concerning dating, desperation, and the desire to live a life of purpose.

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By Patricia Bush-Wilson

“Refreshing Tones” is designed to draw men to the Spirit of God. Through this short but powerful devotional, men from all walks of life will find themselves ushered into a one-on-one encounter with the King of Glory. As you open your heart to hear what the Spirit says to His church and to the hearts of His sons, allow the Spirit to go deep into areas that He reveals to you. This may be a time for discovery, restoration, renewal, and alignment in areas that only God and you know about.


By Crystal Duncan-Hogue

This book will help heal wounds, encourage hearts and minister to the needs of women both young and old. Within these pages you will find hope and the keys to finding true happiness and a true unconditional love relationship, based on the Word of God. With an open heart and mind, this book will transform your life!

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By Dawn C. Dennis

If you have been idle, it is over today. What is your purpose? It's Production Time will challenge you to rise above where you are and fulfill the divine calling of God on you life. The message found within these pages will liberate your spirit and launch you into the destiny that God has designed for you life.


By Tara L. Parker

This 30-day devotional consigns Christ to speak directly to your spirit and daily ushers in joy, hope, love, and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Each devotional inspires you to pray, meditate, and act on the promises of God’s Word. It increases greater faith when you embrace a tranquil rest in God as you apply prayer, meditation, and patience, reciting the scripture-based prayers.

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By John E. King

Has your child decided to take paths that can only lead them to destruction? In this book I share powerful truths the Lord revealed to me that brought peace for my wife and me; and deliverance for our son. As you implement these truths you will see God’s perfect will manifested in you and in the life of your child.


By Gary Pleasant

This book shows God’s eternal plan to establish His kingdom and send mankind (beginning with Adam and Eve) to rule His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It gives a panoramic view of the Godhead and the kingdom. It also explains God’s mandate and apostolic assignment from the foundation of the world to the present and beyond.

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By Dr. Renee Allison

Women everywhere have been waiting to understand how they can walk in God’s plan for their life. This book will give both men and women insight in the purpose of God as it relates to His daughters. We are not called to compete with the man but we are called to be complete in Christ. God knew her before she was formed and He ordain her and He called her for this hour to walk in her place in Him!


By Evangelist Lorraine Allen

This book will walk you through the journey of how changing your mind will lend to the success of losing weight, and keeping it off. Evangelist Lorraine Allen, witnessed the demise of her husband of 44 years who dies as a result of complications of diabetes and living an unhealthy lifestyle for many years. After his transition, God opened Evangelist Lorraine's eyes, and she underwent a lifestyle change which resulted in her losing nearly 80 pounds and she has kept it off!


By Sylvia Nash

This book should put you in remembrance to all that GOD has said pertaining to you. GOD has never lost a battle and as a child of GOD, following HIS instructions and walking in obedience to HIS Word, we will never lose a battle. We have placed so much emphasis upon suffering with CHRIST that we have forgotten that we are also victorious because of CHRIST and the end is already written.


By Stacy Harris

Throughout Stacy’s life, God was trying to get her attention, but her focus was on fleshly things. She realized that God was the important piece missing from her life that would make her whole again. When she received deliverance and got eyes to see and ears to hear, she put on the full armour of God and stood up to the devil. The door is now closed to all those strongholds that took over her life, and she has since gained her freedom.

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By Ellis McCarthy

Blueprint of a GODman is for men and everyone that has a relationship with a man. It gives you a blueprint for fulfilling your purpose, and walking through every stage of life. Within these pages is a holistic look at your life that will help you pinpoint exactly where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. This God inspired book, will challenge every man to master every stage of life, and manage the transitions in between. Dare to embark on the journey of becoming the man you want to be, and the man God created you to be.

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By Michael Parks

The most coveted book in the world has been the Holy Bible. Its original text was Torah Scrolls written on vellum and parchment. The Holy Bible is a compilation of 66 books in total. The original text took close to 1600 years to write which spanned from 1400BC to around 150CE. This means that none of the original authors had a Bible (book). This book is to denote the difference between the mere writing of scholars and the profound depth of spirituality. One holds the science of literacy and the other profound intelligence that can only come from love.

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By Giselle Woodley

We all have a purpose, but some of us must go on a journey before we find out who we really are. It’s a challenge and a task that none of us want to take, but it’s needed because we will never find our true protentional. Only Abba Father can reveal who we are and what we are here to do. We must be willing to ABIDE when things get tough and to fight for what we love and what we carry on the inside.


By Patrice Johnson

As a henna bloom protects the lilies in a garden so does our Father in heaven protect His daughters. My Father’s Kingdom illustrates the love of God to every fatherless daughter. The impact of father absence is unequivocal, a social and spiritual dilemma that impacts the soul. My Father’s Kingdom gives every born again woman a chance at a new identity and direct access to the royal family of God. This book will challenge the believer to walk in authority and seek first the Kingdom of God and realize their true identity as a reigning queen and a daughter of the Most High God.

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By Richard Roberson

The message in the book is clear and applies to the lives of people individually and communally. This book is riveted with prophetic warnings and shows the connection between and the ancient city Tyre and future of America through the prophecies of Ezekiel and Isaiah. The Lord showed Prophet Roberson His divine plan of placing churches in strategic areas around the world. These churches will be empowered by rivers of living waters that prepares the world for the second coming of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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By James C. A. Duncan

In Prophesy Until Something Happens, Apostle James C. A. Duncan explains the various aspects surrounding this experience to show that the prophetic ministry is still relevant and necessary. Apostle Duncan hopes that through this book believers would understand the importance of living in the prophetic dimension, allow God to activate the prophetic gift that has been dormant within them and be used by Him to do greater exploits than the Prophet Ezekiel.


By Tina Gulley-Augustus

A thought provoking book charting a young woman’s journey from desolate confusion to absolute fulfillment in Christ Jesus. Her tedious quest led her to the stabilizing security of God’s Holy Spirit, who endowed her with His. Over the course of time, and as she learns to first identify then listen to Holy Spirit’s directives; she consistently overcomes life’s obstacles, subdues tormenting spirits; conquers negative principalities; and realizes abundant peace. You, too, can achieve a life of victory and maturity as promised by Holy Spirit.

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By Sylvia Nasa

There is nothing like having a family, a father and a mother, who you can depend on. The fact that you were born into this family unit has given you a sense of belonging. Now that you are a Born Again Believer you have been adopted into a royal family and your father’s name is Jehovah. The blood that runs through your veins is of royal decent. You are a joint-heir with JESUS, and an heir of God.


By Ami Bryant

As we deal with the death of a loved one, we must learn how to live again in order to establish our God-given assignment. However, to live in the full manifestation of our assignment, we must put some things to death, in order to save ourselves and reap the spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of a destiny fulfilled. This is my story…


By Helen Rushing

Mrs. Helen Rushing is a child of God. Through Him and her lifelong dedication to church leadership, she has raised five children to successful adulthood amidst the various stresses of big city Chicago life. This, her first book, vividly recounts both fond and difficult memories of raising her children, working in the church, and her own childhood in the place of her birth, Crystal River, Florida. Her Florida memories capture the unique persona of her beloved father, who died in 1928 when his "Baby Helen" was just four years old.


By Dawn C. Dennis

There is power in living a joyful life. The joy that God gives will see you through any trial that comes your way. In these times, joy will strengthen you and enable you to enjoy your life in Christ Jesus. Joy will aid you in fulfilling your God given assignments and cause you to endure to the end with a cheerful heart. This book will enlighten, inform and strengthen you as you go forward in your Christian walk. No more complaining, no more murmuring, for the joy of the Lord will be your strength.


By Dr. Melvin L. Moore, Sr.

“Financial Prosperity” is our divine right. In fact, it’s a divine obligation! God wants His people to prosper, yet, so many are not enjoying their right. You can have an abundant life. In this book I have given you methods to put aside the mistaken idea that prosperity is ungodly and help you discover the truth that will unlock the door to your abundant life.


By Janice O'Quinn

"FIRE!!!" is being screamed out at the top of someone's voice in a burning building. Immediate action is needed to save those who are trapped on the inside. There is no time for complacency, hesitation, or procrastination! On a spiritual level, the lost needs the born-again "FIREman's" or "FIREwoman's" assistance to escape the unquenchable, never-ending effects of hell's fire. It is guaranteed that every soul born into this earth will live somewhere forever! The heart's cry of this book is for believers to fulfill the call of God on their lives and the Greatest Commission to "GO" into all the world and preach the Gospel. Who will answer the calls?

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