Publish Affordably and Destined to Publish have combined under
to bring you excellence in Publishing and Author Education.

Publishing ~ Simply ~ Affordably

Taking you from manuscript writer to published author!

Plan It

Helping you move your thoughts from your head to the page

Write It

Providing support to ensure your content is clear and compelling

Edit It

Proofreading by our award-winning team of professionals

Design It

Making your book stand out with elegant cover and interior designs

Move It – Marketing

Providing enticing blurbs, punchy taglines and Amazon keywords

Move It – Branding

Helping you launch a plan to successfully promote your book

Trusted by authors worldwide

Publish Everywhere!

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We appreciate your business and understand that publishing can be quite intimidating. With this in mind, our Support Team is available to answer any of your publishing questions and to assist you with all of your publishing needs. Feel free to call us.
We are here to serve you.

"My goal is to take each author by the hand, and walk them through their publishing journey."

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